August 29 2014

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Another Magazine Gets A Fragrance Like No Other


It’s been a busy month for Le Labo. First, the bespoke fragrance company collaborated on an exclusive line for U.S. retailer Anthropologie, and now founders Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi have another joint venture: Another 13, a fragrance made with Jefferson Hack of Another Magazine. As you’d expect from the biannual glossy known for its provocative photo spreads and entertaining editorial content, the eau de parfum includes a particularly provocative and unusual ingredient: a whale vomit accord, or Ambrox, as the sweet-smelling and quite pricey extract from the upchuck of sperm whales is called by the olfactory set. “Technically, its processed whale puke,” Roschi deadpans. “Basically, a sperm whale’s main diet consists of squids, and these squids scratch the inside of the whale on the way down the digestive tract. When the whale pukes up what is basically a clot, that substance washes on shore, is found by fishermen, and sold as a substance called ambergris. I guess if you want a comparison, it could be like a cat fur ball.” Gross, yes, but the ancient Egyptians burned the stuff as incense eons ago and it was revered for its pleasant aromas. Colette’s Sarah Lerfel got the project off the ground. “Sarah had an ‘aha’ moment and thought that it would be cool if we did something together with Hack,” Roschi explains. “We are two brands with a common vibe—Another Magazine likes to experiment the way we do, so we agreed.” Fruity notes mixed with “something dirty” round out the scent, which takes its name from the 13 main ingredients in the concoction. Here’s betting the other 12 are just as interesting as Ambrox.

Photo: Courtesy of Le Labo

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