August 31 2014

styledotcom .@Shinola's recipes for an end-of-summer winning combo:

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Halloween Beauty Fright Fest!


Ah, All Hallows’ Eve, the one holiday when tons of makeup—for men and women—is not only encouraged, but expected. If you haven’t sorted out a costume yet, forgo all the pre-packaged Ricky’s options and get inspired instead by this roundup of beauty-driven ideas—that means heavy on the inventive coiffing and face painting. Here, MAC senior artist Keri Blair offers transformative tips for a few costumes you’ll likely be seeing a lot of (Avatar, Lady Gaga) and a few of the more obscure variety (Anna Piaggi and Tammy Faye Baker. Nothing says creepy like the infamous preacher’s wife’s heavy caked-on mascara). Happy spooking!

Photo: clockwise from top left: 20th Century Fox / Everett Collection; Evan Agostini / AP Photo; Courtesy of



  1. fashionistagucci says:

    AWESOME!!! I love these ideas and the helpful tips, too. I am probably going to try out the gaga one and maybe the frank-n-furter rocky horror too!

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