August 21 2014

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L’Oréal Eyes Avon, Smells Like Roxy Music, And More…


Attention, Avon stockholders. The rumor mill is churning with news of a possible L’Oréal buyout—which could mean that all Avon Ladies will have French accents moving forward. Stay tuned. [Forbes]

Note to Britney: Please make an effort to conceal your hair-extension roots. One mishap was plenty; this second offense borders on upsetting. [Daily Mail]

Starbucks’ new flavored coffees were developed using fragrance technology—which is why the vanilla, cinnamon spice, mocha, and caramel tastes in the four new varieties are almost perfect matches for their respective olfactory counterparts. If only those hot-sandwich toasters weren’t there to muddle the aromas. [StyleList]

The newest celebrity to get in on the fragrance game? Bryan Ferry. The Roxy Music frontman says he will be “following in the great steps of Puff Daddy” with a signature scent due out next year. Now there’s a good idea for a mash-up. [Pitchfork]

Whether or not you’re aware of it, the public is “starved of gorgeous people.” Or at least that’s what Joan Collins thinks. Speaking out about the lack of glamorous Hollywood actresses, the Dynasty star said, “There’s Angelina Jolie and there’s…Angelina Jolie.” Jennifer Aniston, it seems, is “cute,” but she isn’t “beautiful.” Ouch. [Daily Mail]

Photo: Courtesy of Avon

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