August 28 2014

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Sue Devitt Has A Golden Moment


Sue Devitt is a travel junkie. The Australian-born makeup artist and cosmetics creator has trekked across the lava terrain of Iceland, hiked the mountains of Tanzania, and suited up for deep-sea diving in the South Pacific. She eventually spun her experiences into a namesake product line inspired by her journeys: think eye and lip shades in colors reminiscent of Indian spices, cheek tints that mimic the coral of the Great Barrier Reef, and marine-rich skincare essentials. Her latest collection pays tribute to the Golden Triangle (the junction of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar) with verdant lid enhancers, dazzling bronze highlighters, and—wait for it—the debut of her first fragrance, Golden Temple Effusion eau de toilette. Made with Thai healing botanicals such as deep rainforest woods, exotic lily, and wild red berries, the limited-edition essence is meant to evoke the “early-morning mist as it rises from Thailand’s bamboo forests,” according to the face painter. And to ensure she captured it accurately, Devitt worked with a healing ritualist in the region who taught her that applying scent on the pulse points (wrists, behind the ears, and on the temples) can help encourage the flow of chi, i.e., your life force. We tested out the serene, dewlike fragrance on a day when we had to deal with numerous stressors (bills, arguments over bills, mass-transit traffic), and found that while our tension did not magically disappear we did feel more energized and focused. Another element to feel good about: A portion of the proceeds from perfume benefit Blue Planet Network, which aims to provide sustainable, safe drinking water to rural communities around the world.

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