August 28 2014

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The Joan Jett Shag: Who Cut It Best For Spring?


While we’re on the topic of repeat runway appearances, please allow us to direct your attention to the Joan Jett shag, the iconic late-seventies/early-eighties style that has enjoyed not one but two moments of homage at the Spring shows thus far. Marios Schwab enlisted the wig-shearing services of hair stylist Luke Hersheson for his show in London, and Jean Paul Gaultier brought out the big guns in Paris this weekend, asking Guido Palau to re-create the rocker’s spiky-on-top, long-in-the-back style. “We’ve changed the way we look at wigs,” said Palau, who took to trimming mohawk tips into a bevy of colored hair pieces backstage on Saturday. “There was a time when wearing a wig was very taboo, and now it’s a fun way to mix up your look. The key to wearing a wig is bringing it into a salon and having your stylist cut/trim the wig to fit your face—it’s not one size fits all.”

How best to direct your stylist in the way of Jett tributes, should you want to trim a wig or your own hair in a similar style? Why not ask Sally Hershberger, who created the cut in the first place? “Anyone can do a shag,” Hershberger says. “If you want to take the look in a more severe direction, you should ask your stylist for a shorter style that has lots of layers of all lengths to achieve a choppy, more rock star look. A more subtle version would be something a little less drastic—longer, softer layers.” The right no-residue products are also key. “Until my SHAGG line, there was never a range of products designed to enhance and define layers,” Hershberger says, extolling the virtues of her SHAGG Spray for prepping tresses and her SHAGG Rocks Liquid Gel to create separation after rough-drying. As to which backstage coiffeur came closest to reappropriating her original creation, Hershberger’s vote goes to Hersheson. “Joan has worn her hair both ways. But the second look [from Marios Schwab] is closer to the classic, more traditional shag, which is more wearable. It still has a lot of texture but it doesn’t have as much rock ‘n’ roll.”

Photo: From left, Luca Cannonieri /; Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images; Yannis Vlamos /

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