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Alexa Chung’s Dirty Little Secret; Why Showering Is Overrated; And More…


Alexa Chung has revealed her style icons (Graham Coxon, Keith Richards, Julie Christie, and Françoise Hardy), as well as one very naughty beauty secret. “I’m obsessed with moisturizing, but relaxed about everything else—I even leave my makeup on at night,” she has said. “I just always have to be wearing black eyeliner.” Even in a state of slumber, that’s dedication. [Hello]

That’s not this week’s only not-washing news: More and more people, it seems, are defying the “culture of clean” that has mandated daily showers and deodorant use in America for the better part of the last century. And you know what? Your skin, hair, and “personal perfume” could benefit from the negligence. [NYT]

Should all the hair whipping result in some kind of neck injury, Ellen DeGeneres has Willow Smith covered. Three words: bejeweled neck brace. [People]

David Beckham shaves his legs; Natalia Vodianova apparently does not. [Daily Mail]

At a recent signing for his new book, Justin Bieber revealed that he a) believes that Jesus died on a cross for his sins, b) wants to be a young dad, c) sees himself making a smooth transition from being a “um, you know, teenage heartthrob to, you know, an adult singer,” and d) thinks his voice is his trademark, not his hair. If you have any more burning Bieber questions, please direct them to First Step 2 Forever: My Story (real title). [NPR]

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