August 30 2014

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Alicia Silverstone Talks Natural Beauty (And A Little Clueless)


To Clueless fans the world over, Alicia Silverstone will always be Cher Horowitz, the way existential, Alaïa-wearing star of one of the greatest movies of all time. But for Silverstone herself, her days as “a virgin who can’t drive” ended back in 1995 when the movie was released. Since then, the naturopath and committed vegan has starred in a slew of other films—some more memorable than others—while blazing a trail as both an avid animal and environmental rights activist. In addition to being crowned PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Alive in 2004, Silverstone published a book last year on eating and wellness called The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet (Rodale, 2009). The accompanying Web site,, features tips on cooking, community-sponsored agriculture (CSA) initiatives, and where to find the best all-natural eye shadows on the market. A natural beauty buff, Silverstone has also collaborated on a series of makeup bags and brushes for the brand EcoTools, the second collection of which she previewed this week in New York. We took the opportunity to catch up with the actress to talk organic makeup that works, fast-food temptations, and a pseudo Clueless reunion that hits theaters next year. Spoiler alert: The latter-day version focuses on vampires—what else?

How did your collaboration with EcoTools come about?

They actually sent me a package of their brushes a while ago. I’d never heard of them before, but I ended up listing them as one of my five favorites in this InStyle profile I did. Then they got in touch with me. They explained that they wanted to do more things—like bags—and I saw it as an opportunity to be creative and make something that I actually wanted to use. I wanted to make something cool and sexy—like something Carrie Bradshaw would use on Sex and the City—but that was natural and affordable. They’re cheap! And made with so much love and consideration.

Aesthetics are obviously important to you. What products are you actually stashing in those makeup bags?

There really are so many good options on the market now. I love ZuZu Luxe concealers for spot treatments and Ecco Bella concealer for under my eyes. I use La Bella Donna Mineral Powder, but I don’t wear foundation. Alima Pure or Naked or Dr. Hauschka make great eye shadows.

What about mascara? It’s so hard to find a decent all-natural lash enhancer.

ZuZu and Gabriel both make good ones.

Your green routine extends to skincare too, I imagine.

Yes. I actually list all of my favorite products on my Web site—I post two times a day—but I’ll tell you now. I love Tammy Fender. I can’t live without her EpiPeel. It’s the best scrub in the world. I like Tata Harper too but I haven’t tried all of her stuff. And Suki makes lovely oils.

Being devoted to a natural lifestyle must get taxing every now and again. Be honest: Do you ever just, like, crave a box of McDonald’s fries?

I mean, occasionally. Like if you’re at the airport and you’re desperate.

But I’m assuming the pros of feeling great—and not having to deal with all the guilt!—outweigh such temptations?

Yeah. Feeling and looking amazing at your best—and being able to be your own doctor by knowing how all the good things you put in your body make you feel—it’s so freeing and empowering. The second you put something shitty in your body you feel way worse.

Does exercise factor into your regimen as well?

Not really. It’s all in my book—which has helped a lot of people. If you hate exercise—and I do—this way of eating makes it so you don’t have to exercise. There’s just so much bad information out there. And I know it’s terrible to say that my way is the best, but it is.

Can you give me a small insight into exactly what “your way” entails?

I just list what is good for you and what isn’t good for you in a fun, easy breezy way, and what it does to your body and the environment. You can be a flirt and only kind of follow it or you can commit.

What are you working on these days, besides your new hemp makeup bags?

Well, I did a play on Broadway this year with Laura Linney, and my next movie, Butter, comes out this spring. I play a mother to an African-American little girl that I’ve adopted and who Jennifer Garner is trying to bring down. Jennifer is a mad woman in this movie and she is fantastic!

I have to ask: Do you and Stacy Dash and Paul Rudd ever get together and just hang out and, you know, watch Clueless?

No. Never. But I just worked with [Clueless screenwriter] Amy Heckerling again on Vamps, which also features the same costume designer and the same editor as Clueless. It’s like a big regrouping! I see Breckin [Meyer] and Donald [Faison] every once in a while—because, you know, you just see people. And whenever I see Paul Rudd we give each other the biggest hug.

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