August 20 2014

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Dr. Alkaitis On Skin Supplements That Really Work


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Is there any truth to the nutriceutical movement, that pills can make your hair thicker and your skin clearer, or is it all hype?

All the beauty-centric supplements are just an extension of the food supplement market. Certain supplements will have quite positive effects on your skin in addition to being good for the body, and they’re pretty straightforward: natural vitamin C, full-spectrum vitamin E, and Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD). A word about SOD: It’s a very fragile enzyme that is destroyed in the stomach when taken orally. At this time, the only proven orally effective delivery system for SOD is the SOD encapsulated in Gliadin, a wheat protein. It’s available under the brand name GliSODin, which uses a form of the enzyme that comes from cantaloupes. Among its many benefits is its ability to help in the prevention of sun damage to the skin.

A chemist, molecular biologist, and ethnopharmacologist well-versed in the medicinal properties of plants, Dr. Saulius A. Alkaitis is a research scientist with a focus on holistic dermatology. Based in northern California, Dr. Alkaitis produces an eponymous line of dermaceuticals formulated with living ingredients and marketed as “raw health food” for the skin.

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