August 30 2014

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Patyka Undergoes A Remarquable Revamp


Like most women, I suffer from seasonal skincare issues. Things got really bad last year (read: flaky, dry, taut skin that refused to take moisture or concealer), and I turned to a complex regimen of milk cleansers, face oils, and heavy creams to remedy the situation. It worked for a while, until the richness of the routine ended in pervasive break-outs. This year’s transition was significantly easier, mostly because I omitted a simple component of my daily skincare ritual that was actually doing more harm than good: water. Washing your face twice a day with tap water can actually strip your skin’s essential lipid barrier—which you need even more in winter’s drier months. Rather than remove my cleanser with plain old H20, I started taking it off with toner, an extremely French practice that works well with the extremely French new product line I started using about a month ago. You may remember Patyka, the Parisian natural skincare solution that made a name for itself at home and abroad with Ecocert formulas that combine plant-based actives with innovative biotechnologies. I’ve been a longtime fan and never really thought Patyka needed much in the way of improvement, but over the past year, it’s come under new management and entirely revamped its image. Patyka 2.0 boasts Art Deco-style packaging and the stellar Absolis line, a holistic range of daily face and body products that cater to different skin types. I’m currently swearing by the Rosewood Milk Cleanser, which contains shea butter, jojoba, and sesame oils to moisturize while it removes makeup and other debris. You can actually just massage the creamy lotion into your skin without rinsing, but I prefer to soak cotton pads in the accompanying alcohol-free Rose Face Toner and swipe them across my face for a super-soothing, fresh finish. The brand is calling its revamped collection “beauté remarquable” which, by my account, is a pretty accurate description.

Photo: Courtesy of Patyka

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