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Andre Walker Has Got You Covered


Gray hairs can drive even the most rational women to maddening lengths—think tears, panic, and, of course, frenzied plucking. But before you take tweezers to scalp, consider this significantly less aggressive alternative: Hair Make-Up by Andre Walker. As Oprah Winfrey’s own hair guru, Walker’s new, eponymous collection of styling products debuted on HSN this month and includes these pocket-size color wands that magically cover up even the most stubborn gray strands. Available in black, dark brown, light brown, blonde, and red (a great match for copper hues), the hair concealer dries instantly, has a shiny finish that incorporates seamlessly into your
natural hair, and rinses out after one shampoo. Besides hiding grays, you can use the Make-Up along the roots to camouflage your natural color’s regrowth. Like Classic Sparkles Uggs, Centerville Pie Company’s Chicken Pie, and Le Creuset Cookware, the pens earned a highly coveted spot on Oprah’s “favorite things” list this year, and may be worth adding to yours in 2011.

Photo: Courtesy of Andre Walker

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