July 22 2014

styledotcom Here's how @karliekloss stays looking like...well, Karlie Kloss:

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Christie Brinkley Gets Physical; Kim Kardashian, Behind The Makeup; And More


If you’ve ever wondered how supermodel Christie Brinkley looks almost as good today at 58 as she did in 1983′s Vacation, the answer is simple: She works out all the time. Squats while blow-drying her hair, leg lifts while slicing vegetables. Name the strengthening exercise and Brinkley can multitask it. [NYDN]

In a riveting new interview with the Beckhams, we learn that David and Victoria have separate bathrooms in which his products are hidden and hers are “quite on show”; that she runs four or five miles every day on the treadmill while he prefers exercising outdoors; and that the couple have collectively discovered the “hippie powers of crystals.” Cosmic. [Daily Mail]

Speaking of riveting interviews, Sarah Jessica Parker reveals that she’s nervous about aging in the new issue of Elle. “It’s like those flowers that wilt in front of you in time-lapse films. But what can I possibly do? Look like a lunatic?” Well, yes, actually, if the trend among many of her Hollywood cohorts is any indication. [Huff Po]

Stop the presses: Kim Kardashian ventured out in L.A. yesterday to get a manicure without makeup on. No fake lashes either, it appears. A headline maker, indeed! [Us Weekly]

“I wear perfume every day. I always have done—I would never go out without wearing it,” says Kate Moss. That’s how you sell celebrity fragrances. Mariah Carey, take note. [Female First]

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