August 23 2014

styledotcom Three questions for a powerhouse player in Brazil's fashion scene:

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Decoding The Tron Bob


Tron: Legacy, a follow-up to the 1982 original opening today, should satisfy sci-fi fans who always wondered what happened to software programmer Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) after he got sucked into the Grid, the alternate universe of his computer. On screen, it’s 20 years later, and Flynn’s son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) is on the hunt for him, aided by the latex-clad Quorra, a computer-generated superheroine played by Olivia Wilde. Her character’s persona and asymmetrical warrior ‘do are inspired by the sword-swinging Joan of Arc, but the quirky hairstyle also pays homage to Charlize Theron’s character in Aeon Flux. While most of what’s seen in Tron is CG special effects, we were intrigued by the real-life possibilities of the “Quorra” cut. For a little guidance, we turned to Guido Paulau, who’s transformed many models into forceful vixens on the runway.

I noticed that the Tron bob bears some similarities to the faux versions you created for the Spring/Summer Miu Miu runway show. What’s the trick to pulling off the look, if you’re not brave enough to chop off all of your hair?

At Miu Miu, we first blew out the hair straight with a little body on the ends. Then we pulled the hair back gently, tied an elastic around the ends, and flipped them under, creating the allusion of a short bob. The Miu Miu style and the sexy bob Olivia Wilde has in the film are examples of how you can make a classic look very modern. The broken-up ends give it great texture, and being asymmetric on one side also lends an extra edge.

With one side longer than the other, it could look like a tragic mistake with the scissors if not done right. How can you avoid disaster?

I think it has a lot to do with face shape and balance, so trust your stylist to tell you if the cut will look good on you, or ask for the asymmetry to be subtler. If you can master those two things, then the fact that the cut is longer on one side won’t matter. If the style looks good, it looks good.

Point taken. So how would you style the bob so it looks all slick and futuristic?

I would style it with a pliable paste, like Redken Rough Paste 12, and work it into strands to separate the ends and show off the texture and angles of the cut.

Any plans to see the movie this weekend?


Photo: Courtesy of Disney

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