August 30 2014

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Drink And Smell Merry


There are plenty of connections between fragrance and fine cognac. Kilian Hennessy, the scion of the spirits-making Hennessy clan-turned-perfumer, told us as much not that long ago. France’s Frapin family, almost as well known as those Hennessys among cognac aficionados, has been gaining recognition with the beauty set since launching its P Frapin & Cie eaux three years ago. The six-piece collection arrived stateside in November, providing those of us with an appreciation for luxury and craftsmanship with what the brand’s co-founder David Frossard describes as “a return to pleasures.” The spicy Passion Boisee draws inspiration from long walks in the woods and leather settees, and features notes like rum, oak moss, nutmeg, and clove. The gourmand 1270, meanwhile, is named for the first year the Frapin family started making wine and boasts an aroma of prunes, raisins, coffee, and cut grass in homage to the legendary Folle Blanche grape. Along with Frapin’s masculine scent, l’Huminaste, which won a “Fragrance Oscar” this year, both scents are now available at MiN New York and online at And there’s more to come. Next year will see the release of 1697, a perfume that will smell very much like cognac. “It makes your head travel,” Frossard says of the liquor. “That’s what the fragrance should make you feel.” Sounds…intoxicating.

Photo: Courtesy of Frapin

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