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Essie Carnival: For The Kid In Us All


Last night, I made a beauty discovery in the unlikeliest of places. There I was, at Crewcuts, about to spend way too much money on a miniature Saint James striped shirt for a two-year-old, when I spotted a collection of kid-centric Essie nail polish colors amidst other similarly child-friendly accessories (there’s a navy, bow-cum-rabbit ears headband in the vicinity that I wouldn’t refuse, if anyone I know is reading this). Since J. Crew partnered with Essie last year to showcase a seasonal roster of favorites from the nail giant in its stores and catalogs, I’ve been excited by the idea of one-stop shopping—a cardi set and a bottle of One of A Kind? Don’t mind if I do. But the retailer has never stocked anything I haven’t seen before—until yesterday, that is, when I laid my eyes on Carnival. It’s not a new lacquer; but the prismatic, clear glitter varnish somehow managed to slip under my radar, presumably during the 10-year anti-sparkle phase I’ve only just recently come out of. It goes on very sheer, and is thus a great top coat to give any polish an extra dose of flair. But I prefer wearing two to three coats on a bare nail, which I realized when I opened the bottle I bought for the aforementioned two-year-old for a quick test run. Some of you may think two is too young for nail polish. I beg to differ.

Photo: Courtesy of Essie

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