August 27 2014

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First Look: Dita, The Book; Blondes Have More Funds; And More…


We told you it was coming earlier this month, and now Dita Von Teese has leaked early images of her new tell-all DIY beauty book, which reveals how you too can look like the perfectly primped burlesque queen. [StyleList]

A new survey conducted in the U.K. reveals that blondes can stand to earn almost $1,000 more a year than their brunette or redheaded counterparts, although apparently no amount of money can earn you respect from your peers; the study also showed that most women of the flaxen-haired variety don’t think they’re taken seriously in the workplace. [Daily Mail]

Cosmeceuticals and natural skincare products are becoming increasingly popular with beauty consumers. Which will come out ahead? How ’bout we meet in the middle: a new trend will see a rise in naturally driven ingredients that function like synthetic molecules. A hibiscus-plant extract that mimics the effects of Botox? We’ll take it! [CareFair]

As New Year’s resolutions to eat less and work out more pile up, science journalist Gary Taubes’ new book, Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It, suggests that joining up at Equinox may not be the answer to all of your problems. Taubes argues that our bodies are predisposed to be fat or not, and that “eating in moderation and being physically active are not evidence of moral rectitude. Rather, they’re the metabolic benefits of a body that’s programmed to remain lean.” Who needs those inflexible gym membership contracts anyway? [NYT]

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