August 30 2014

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Five Days of Glitter: Part Three


Monday and Tuesday’s experiments were basically child’s play; I’ve dusted sparkles in their many forms across my lids plenty of times before. But a glitter lip is uncharted territory. In my latest trial-and-error, I set to work on a Doo.Ri do-over—not the lemon-hued lips from the designer’s Spring 2011 show, but rather that techno-glam, disco-ball pout that makeup artist extraordinaire Tom Pecheux crafted for her Fall 2010 collection. Glitter glory, here I come.

The Glitter: MAC Glitter in Turquoise and Lipstick in Ruby Woo.

The Application: The base for Pecheux’s outrageous Velvet Goldmine-style lip happens to be my beloved Ruby Woo, the lipstick that, in my humble estimation, is one of the top three reds of all time. It’s a serious red, with a heavenly, forties-era matte texture, so a precise application must begin with a lip pencil. MAC Lip Pencil in Redd will do you just fine, but I prefer the clear variety to help keep me inside the lines (Laura Mercier makes a great one). Rouged and ready, use your fingertip to pat a generous amount of MAC Glitter in turquoise over top and bottom lips.

The Upside: Turquoise glitter over red lipstick might seem crazy, but because Ruby Woo is a blue-toned red, the color combination actually works. The lipstick has zero shine, so it doesn’t fight with the iridescence of the glitter on top. Paired with a totally stripped-down face, save for a few coats of black mascara, it’s a total score.

The Downside: You will swallow glitter. And you will quite possibly find pieces of it lodged between your teeth. My best advice? Avoid eating and use a straw.

The Final Word: This is glitter gone wild—perhaps too wild for some. If you prefer your shimmer to be fully incorporated into your lip color, YSL’s new-for-holiday Golden Gloss in Golden Red is a dazzling, significantly less outrageous alternative.

Photo: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics; Stefan Gosatti / Stringer / Getty Images

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