August 22 2014

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Guar Bean Will Keep You Curly


GUAR BEAN/(gwar beeyn)/n./ 1. Also known as Cyamopsis tetragonolobus, legumes from an annual plant native to India and adapted to semiarid regions as a forage crop; /n./ 2. A green, protein-rich pod that is eaten as a vegetable in Asia; /n./ 3. Possessing a large endosperm that contains galactomannan, a substance that forms a gel in water and is commonly called guar gum; /n./ 4. A thickener and stabilizer often used in cloth and paper manufacturing, cosmetics formulating, and explosives production; /n./ 5. An emulsifying agent that imparts a hold on the hair shaft to maintain style and preserve texture, e.g., “Guar bean is dynamite on curls.”

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