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Lady Gaga Waxes Poetic


Lady Gaga has been immortalized in wax at Madame Tussauds. But unlike those who have come before her (R. Patts and Taylor Swift are both recent additions), Gaga’s likeness isn’t limited to one outpost of the famed museum—nor to one look, for that matter. To properly honor the Fame Monster, eight (that’s right, eight) different Gagas in eight different beauty looks have been unveiled in New York (sun “hair” hat Gaga), L.A. (white lace face Gaga), London (pink and egg yolk-yellow multihued hair Gaga), Shanghai (black star eye makeup Gaga), Hong Kong (feather lashes and platinum hair/harlequin collar Gaga), and Amsterdam (lilac streaks-cum-hair fez Gaga). Las Vegas and Berlin each got a different incarnation of the singer’s famous “hair bow.” It’s a noble venture, to be sure, but we can’t help but feel like some of the pop star’s other statement beauty moments have been overlooked: What about pearl face Gaga? Or an homage to the great hair button hat of 2009?! Let us know which is your favorite look from the lot below.

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