August 1 2014

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Rhoda, Jablonski, Wen…Smalls?; Madonna Feels The Burn From Mexico City To Moscow; And More…


Puerto Rican-born model Joan Smalls has been added to the Estée Lauder spokesperson roster; she’ll make her print ad debut in May. The first Puerto Rican model the brand has ever inked a deal with, Smalls is looking forward to “empowering women.” [WWD]

The Museum of Arts and Design announced that it’s adding a new department: The Center of Olfactory Art will be headed up by former New York Times perfume critic Chandler Burr. Its first exhibition is scheduled for next November and will feature ten fragrances that have been pivotal in their design, technical components, or aesthetics. Yes, all you naysayers, fragrance composition is an art form. [WSJ]

Look out, Zone and South Beach. The new owners of the Atkin’s Diet company are looking to rebrand—and they’ve even got themselves a celebrity spokesperson in one Courtney Thorne-Smith of Melrose Place fame. So glad to see Allison Parker back in the spotlight post that ill-advised turn on According to Jim. [Guardian]

First Mexico City, now Moscow. Madonna has decided on a second location for her chain of Hard Candy gyms. []

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