September 1 2014

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The Power of Proactiv, An End To Aging?, And More…


Proactiv is poised to rake in over $800 million in revenue this year, putting it on pace with some of the beauty biz’ biggest players. Its secret to sales success? Celebrity endorsements, of course. (The products are pretty good, too.) [Forbes]

Still reeling from the news that your Brazilian blowout treatment may not be safe? Here’s a cheat sheet with all the whats, hows, and whys of the scandal. [L.A. Times]

Wearing glittery holiday makeup is a personal choice every girl must make on her own. But if you’re looking for tips, Agyness Deyn can show you how to do it “without looking like you swept the dressing room floor of a drag show with your face.” Sorta wish we wrote that. [Naag]

The truth comes out: Tom Cruise frequently raids Katie Holmes’ makeup bag. The Knight and Day star reportedly uses facefuls of Holmes’ pricey anti-ging skincare products and dips into her foundation and mascara for premieres and such. Why are we not surprised? [National Enquirer]

In an experiment conducted by Harvard scientists, prematurely aged mice were returned to their youthful state when a specific chromosomal enzyme was manipulated. Wrinkle free in 2023! [Boston Globe]

Photo: Courtesy of Proactiv

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