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Davines’ World of Wizardry


Beauty brand Davines has created lots of hair magic. Take its popular Natural Tech Yogurt shampoo and conditioner: The fact that it smells divine seems reason enough to fall under its spell; that it also revives overstressed hair is like an added bonus. Or, say, the NouNou nourishing repairing mask, an olive butter and jojoba oil-enriched potion that is the ultimate panacea for brittle hair. Now the line’s For Wizards range of professional-grade products has two new matte-focused formulations to bewitch you. The N 13 Mat Forming Ground is a potent little pot of clay that can be used for sculpting all manner of styles. It imparts an appealingly rough texture that provides seamless molding to shorter hair and that coveted, piece-y separation to the long-locked among you. Then there’s N 14 Sea Salt Primer, Davines’ first foray (finally!) into the well-trod land of beachy salt sprays. Unsurprisingly, their version, which can be applied to wet or dry hair, is superior at re-creating the ocean’s wave-inducing effect without leaving a undesirable film behind. Both are impressive feats of wand-waving.

Davines for Wizards N 13 Mat Forming Ground, $29, and N 14 Sea Salt Primer, $24, at

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