August 31 2014

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Drugstore Discovery Of The Week: Revlon Lets It Shine


While it pains me to admit this, my nails remain uncharacteristically bare—just as they were when I penned a post last week about my failure to find time for a manicure. Finding the opportunity to take a nail break is only part of my problem, though; dry, brittle tips are the other. In an effort to nurse my nails back to health, I’ve been abstaining from regular lacquer love and doing some at-home maintenance instead with CND’s Solar Oil and a trusty file that’s sitting on my coffee table for impromptu shaping during late-night sitcom marathons. Revlon’s new Crazy Shine Nail Buffer is also on heavy rotation. In lieu of polish, I’ve embraced the idea of a super-shiny finish to add a little bit of pizzazz to my otherwise unexciting fingers. One side of the teardrop-shaped tool acts like a mild pumice to smooth out the nail bed, while the other imparts a super-lustrous glisten, no top coat necessary. I plan to make a triumphant return to the nail salon this weekend, but the Crazy Shine will not lose its place in my revolving cast of beauty essentials. Get this: If you rub the shine-enhancing side across an old polish job, it will restore your varnish to its original splendor.

Photo: Courtesy of Revlon

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