September 1 2014

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Hello Kitty Arrives At Sephora


We’ve been hip to the attractions of Japanese animation among Americans (adults as much as kids) for years—there was the rave set in high school (you’d be surprised just how much, um, candy, a Keroppi-shaped backpack can hold), and we’ve since encountered more than our fair share of manga-loving males. But two years ago, when MAC partnered with Sanrio on a Hello Kitty cosmetics collection, its appeal became undeniable. Women came in droves, clawing their way through crowds to procure a piece of a limited-edition range that included all manner of cat-themed lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail lacquers. On shelves for just a few weeks, it remains one of the brand’s most successful collaborations to date—and has always been prime for a reprisal, as far as we’re concerned. It’s Sephora, not MAC, however, that capitalized on the opportunity for a sequel, releasing its own highly anticipated Hello Kitty range this week. The Sephora edition focuses on chrome and clear sparkly tubes and compacts, a slightly young albeit authentically Japanese approach to packaging. Among its slew of collectible trinkets are a few standout makeup staples for gals of all ages: Of particular note are the Apple Balm, an emollient gloss that boasts a semi-sheer cherry pigment, and Apple Cheeks, a moisturizing color stick with the versatility of a NARS Multiple that’s available in four different shades. We won’t pretend to be above some of the kitschier items in the collection, though; you know we broke open that pack of nail art stickers the second they crossed our desk.

Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

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