August 21 2014

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Phyto’s New Masked Avenger


News flash: I am growing my hair back out. After sporting a super-stylish graduated bob for a year and a half, I’ve decided to return to my former, waist-grazing length, partly influenced by the easy seventies hair at shows like Roberto Cavalli and Paul & Joe, and partly because, well, I want long hair again. But gaining six inches of length is easier said than done, and in the grow-out period, you face awkward stages (which I am currently in, as my strands just graze my collarbone) and a lot of split ends. I’ll admit that the split ends are partially my own fault (I haven’t gotten a trim since May—sorry, Thomas Heinz). But the winter weather is also to blame, as cold winds and artificial heat have left my hair somehow both flat and dry. I’ve tried a few deep conditioners to combat the latter issue, but most of them just seem to worsen the former. The latest from Phyto offers up an intriguing alternative, however. Its new Phytolisse Mask features pine pulp extract, an impressive natural ingredient that softens, hydrates, and detangles without weighing hair down. Its other talents include expediting the blow-dry process by straightening the hair shaft and pulling double duty as a shield against environmental aggressors like humidity. Red and brown algae and apricot kernel oil add to the nourishing effort. I will ultimately break down and get a trim. But until that day should come, it looks like I will not be relegated to buns and braids.

Photo: Courtesy of Phyto

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