September 2 2014

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Striking Beauty Gold With Bio Fuel


Before Cameron Diaz was eco Trippin‘ and Leonardo DiCaprio started producing documentaries about the global climate crisis, California couple Marshall and Megan Dostal were getting down and dirty—or make that clean, rather—about the environment. Reclaiming waste grease from L.A. restaurants to fuel his bio-diesel Mercedes, Marshall had gathered drums of glycerin in his garage—the byproduct of the bio-fuel distillation process and the main ingredient in most soaps, which the two started making in their home at Megan’s suggestion. Further, the Dostals’ natural beauty company, launched two years ago with a biodegradable liquid hand wash and recently expanded to include a hand lotion and candle. The entire range is formulated with the purified waste grease they procure from high-end eateries across the country and scented with a blend of bergamot, olive, and exotic grasses to leave your body and home smelling fragrant and fresh. Cool paint can-inspired packaging for the candles and larger sizes for both the original soap and the hand lotion are all in the works. Think of them as a small yet beautiful way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Photo: Courtesy of Further

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