August 29 2014

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The Girl With Feathers In Her Hair


Loyal readers of our Style File blog may have noticed that I wrote an article today about bag maker Wendy Nichol discussing her new collaboration with London-based textile house Vanderhurd. As evidenced by the accompanying images, the bags are great. Perhaps even greater still, however, is this bonus Nichol tidbit I gleaned during the first—and probably only—time I’ve ever gone on a fashion fact-finding mission and wound up with a new hairdo: The designer has developed a knack for hair extensions in addition to handwoven silk dhurrie. Yecch, you may say. Yecch, I would say, too, except that Nichol’s extensions are multicolored strands of feathers, rather than synthetic strands (the feathers come from molting birds, by the by, so there’s no PETA problem here). The designer applies them herself, at her store, and I can attest that the plumage stands up to washing, twisting, and top-knotting, as well as the vagaries of winter hat-wearing. Nichol says they’ll last up to two weeks, and their impact even longer; as the nail art trend has gone mainstream, you can think of this as the next big thing in harmless and budget-friendly eccentricity. Judging by the covetous looks my feather extensions have received in the past week, I’m guessing other girls will be jumping on this bandwagon soon, too.

Photo: Courtesy of Wendy Nichol



  1. kellquefois says:

    This look has been popular for quite some time in Los Angeles!

  2. ashley3030 says:

    These beauties are called Featherlocks. They are real feathers that are worn in your hair and look so natural. I get so many compliments on my Featherlocks

  3. BigforkMuse says: is a doemstic independent producer of similar extensions that last far longer than 2 weeks and come in amazing colors as well as the neutrals shown above. (not afiliated, just love)- these are wonderful, too!

  4. cilla says:

    my sister just bought one from and they are awesome!

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