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Chantecaille’s Latest Compact For A Cause


Chantecaille is on a mission to save endangered wildlife, one makeup palette at a time. Over the past few years, the brand has gotten in the habit of partnering with wildlife conservation agencies and introducing beautifully embossed palettes dedicated to the animals it’s hoping to protect. Humpback whales and Bengal tigers have already been immortalized in shimmering pigment, and sea turtles will get the spotlight for spring. The gentle ocean creatures are endangered for a variety of reasons, including the illegal harvesting of their eggs, their inadvertent capture in fishing nets, oil spills, and habitat destruction. In an effort to remedy the unfortunate situation, Chantecaille has created a limited-edition palette that features three illuminating eye shadows and a blush in shades inspired by the beaches where the turtles nest. Five percent of proceeds from the sale of the cases will be donated to WIDECAST (Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network), an organization that works to ensure the future of marine animals in the Caribbean Sea. As they say, beauty is as beauty does.

Photo: Courtesy of Chantecaille



  1. turtlefan says:

    What a wonderful initiative and cause! It’s so nice to see a beauty company actually help a greater cause. Turtles are an ancient, gentle species and the unwillingness of fishermen to use TEDs (turtle excluder devices) is criminal. Awareness matters.

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