August 20 2014

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So, This Happened


We started our fashion week bright and early this morning with a cameo at Lincoln Center before heading down to Milk for Vena Cava, where whatever grogginess was left from a late dinner and an ungodly wake up call was promptly squashed. There, amidst a general “nineties grunge” backstage inspiration that yielded one hell of a beauty look (more on that later), was the first sign that Spring’s nail design dominance is here to stay for Fall. The “finger bands” that Butter London founder Nonie Creme was painting onto models’ appendages are like nothing we saw last season. “I’ve been playing with this for a while,” Creme said of the rings she was drawing around models’ fingers in five colors from her forthcoming collection, including Tramp Stamp (a dark mauve), Floral Orange (a neon mandarin) and Royal Navy (a royal navy, duh). “I’ve been noodling on what do I do next,” she said of her new nail varnish tattoos. “I’m always covered in nail polish anyway.” Since Butter’s “three free” formula is blended sans formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP (phthalates), leaving lacquer on your skin in the shape of hearts, fingerless fishnet gloves, or rings, as the case was today, is completely harmless. “It only lasts for about 24 hours,” Creme explained, pointing out that the trick to proper application is keeping minimal product on your brush and swiping acetone across desired areas before decorating. We know what we’re doing when we get home tonight. Thoughts on the look?

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