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At Balenciaga, Blondes Still Have More Fun


Although we pointed out on this blog that many of Guido Palau’s “Balenciaga blondes” from Spring have embraced chestnut browns for Fall (Brit Maren, most notably), the coiffing star seems unfazed by the transition. With Nicolas Ghesquière’s blessing, Palau asked colorist Christophe Robin to turn to the peroxide bottle once again for Balenciaga’s Fall show, ordering bleach jobs for five girls before the presentation and relying on a purposeful cornsilk casting to “make a strong statement on the runway” at the get-go. Formerly flaxen beauties Aline Weber, Kori Richardson, and Lisanne De Jong were among the first ten models out, and their super-bright strands—that were center-parted, coated in Redken Satinwear 02 Ultimate Blow-Dry Lotion, teased at the crown for lift, and pulled pack into a very low-lying ponytail—did indeed set a convincing tone for the show. “It’s very modern, easy, sophisticated,” Palau said of the style, although jury’s out on how long the word “easy” will factor into the equation once their roots start to grow in. That being said, the hair color registered as electric on the runway, its vibrancy helped along by über-dark brows filled in and—get this—dyed brown in a few instances by makeup mistress Pat McGrath, who has demonstrated that her power with arch transformation goes way beyond a mastery of blocking them out. Not only did McGrath build them up at Balenciaga, she gave four girls—Kasia Struss and Arizona Muse among them—a blue “brow bar” scrawled across the nose bridge for an added touch of graphic chic. What can’t this woman do?

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