August 20 2014

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Benefit Puts Its Best Face Forward


Benefit has cornered the market on cheeky cosmetics that not only work but also give you a good laugh in the process. Its best-selling mattifying complexion balm is cleverly named Dr. Feelgood, while its amazing skin illuminator is known to beauty fiends around the world as High Beam. Benetint, the multipurpose cheek and lip stain, was our favorite product from the San Francisco-based brand, until, that is, it upped the ante by adding a new complete skincare collection to its offerings. “We always wanted to do more skincare but we knew we needed to keep it in the realm of Benefit,” said Maggie Ford Danielson, co-founder Jean Ford’s daughter and global beauty authority. “So we thought, what do we do well?” The answer came in four words: “fast, easy, fun, brightening.” Called B.Right (get it?), the eight-piece radiance-boosting range includes two cleansers (a gentle foam and a refined exfoliating polish); two moisturizers (a lighter lotion with SPF and a heavier cream); and an eye cream amusingly called It’s Potent. Extras like the Moisture Prep Toning Lotion, which purifies and smoothes skin before moisturizer is applied; a totally effective, non-greasy makeup remover; and a rehydrating facial mist for midday touchups round out the offerings. To further entice you, everything comes packaged in tranquil sea green apothecary-style bottles equipped with quirky corklike caps. We recommend starting with the Foamingly Clean cleanser, working your way into some Moisture Prep Toning Lotion, and finishing off with the Total Moisture facial cream. Feel free to elaborate at will.

Photo: Courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics



  1. LeeWallick says:

    I tried the cleanser, ‘refined finish’ (extra thumbs up) and moisturiser last night and can’t recommend it highly enough. And as you say, the packaging is delightfully appropriate for one’s bathroom shelf.

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