August 20 2014

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Bringing 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain Into Your Own Home


There are certain shopping destinations in Paris that are not to be missed—Les Puces, which are open on Sundays, as we learned the hard way (no vintage furs for us this trip), Colette, Isabel Marant, Celine (it actually does hurt to look here but we can’t help ourselves), and, of course, Diptyque. The French fragrance house’s original flagship at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain is the epicenter of the brand’s soul, where wafts of all of its deliciously scented candles and its library of eaux de toilettes mingle together with kilim rugs and old wood shelves to create a singular scent unlike anything that’s ever been bottled. Until now, that is. Even if you’re not in Paris for the shows, you can still enjoy this unique experience with 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain the fragrance, an olfactory achievement in which a space has actually been captured through scent. Boasting the best elements of nearly every fan-favorite Diptyque fragrance on the market, there are traces of blackcurrant and green leaf notes from L’Ombre dans l’Eau and Philosykos; fresh floral bursts of rose, pepper, and citrus from L’Eau; and spicy hints of clove, cinnamon, and cardamom, which are tempered by the tuberose, iris, and violet from the complex Do Son. A base of woods and resins rounds things out for a warm finish. The coolest part about the rather ambitious endeavor is that the scent exists in two incarnations—one for your body, in spritzable and solid form, and for your home, for which the formula has been slightly tweaked for a “rustic” effect, according to Givaudan perfumer Olivier Pecheux. Our favorite piece of the collection has to be the Scented Oval, a twenty-first-century form of potpourri that hangs perfectly in closet spaces, where it ever so slightly releases its fresh, green, and spicy aroma onto all of your hangables. Our dresses have never had it so good.

Photo: Courtesy of Diptyque

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