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By Kilian’s Middle Eastern Promises


Fragrance can conjure up memories, places, people. In some cases, it can also call to mind something far more ephemeral, like, say, fictional characters. A whiff of perfumer extraordinaire Kilian Hennessy’s latest olfactory offering made me immediately think of one in particular: Scheherazade. The narrator of one of my very favorite childhood tomes, One Thousand and One Nights, she seduced the notoriously cranky—OK, maniacal—sultan King Shahryar with her enchanting storytelling ability. I always imagined her with long, glossy black hair, flowy harem pants, and piles of gold jewelry. A few dabs of By Kilian’s new Incense Oud behind each ear would complete the picture. The third scent in his Arabian Nights collection (Pure Oud and Rose Oud launched last year, and two more will follow in Spring 2012 and 2013), Incense Oud is based around the exotic oud note. Rare and prized, oud oil is found in the resinous wood of the aquilaria tree in Southeast Asia and has an intoxicating sensual aroma. Combined with smoky incense notes as well as Turkish rose oil, cardamom, and pink pepper essences, it takes on a distinctly mystical quality in the latest installment from Hennessy. Should you want to alternate your ouds, By Kilian will release mini versions of all three flacons in the collection in May as part of a travel set.

Photo: Courtesy of By Kilian



  1. Citygirlinred says:

    This sounds amazing!! I want to try it!

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