August 31 2014

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ColoristCure For Dehydrated Dye Jobs


Full disclosure: I went through a (very) brief shoplifting phase during my “disaffected youth” moment, as many teens do. Perhaps unsurprisingly considering my current form of gainful employment, I focused my petty theft on drugstore beauty products—a lip gloss here, a frosty eye shadow there. My all-time favorite heist was the deep conditioner that comes included in all hair color boxes as the third and final step in the dyeing process. I knew it was wrong—and probably irksome to whatever poor, unsuspecting woman purchased the Herbal Essences’ carton I had already gotten my grubby little hands on—but my hair needed it, I was convinced. Those slim tubes contained the most emollient, moisture-rich cream rinses money could buy, but for reasons unknown they weren’t sold separately, only in a set or as an in-salon service. Colorists are aware that with these miracle salves, they hold the key to lustrous, soft strands—even those that have been put through the peroxide and ammonia ringer. So, in an act of pure altruism (in which, OK, the potential for a good profit margin also presumably factored in), celebrity colorist Marie Robinson and her business partner, stylist Abell Oujaddou, have set out to democratize the professional wonder tool. Their newly launched ColoristCure is formulated with sandalwood extract, bark extract, and vitamin E to hydrate porous, colored tresses. The treatment boasts an acidic pH so it counterbalances the oxidation process that can occur with the regular use of shampoo and styling products or with chlorine and salt water damage, which can cause dryness and fading. The best part, though, is that the nourishing elixir is available in a convenient packet that’s perfectly sized for a single use every four weeks—and happens to fit neatly into my in-flight toiletries pouch. Look out, Paris, here I come.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Robinson Salon



  1. Citygirlinred says:

    Adorable post!!

  2. erle says:

    Very well written! I usually dislike this kind of product placement-journalism, but this one was a piece of good work.

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