August 22 2014

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Dr. Perricone Flexes His Super-Powered Muscle


Last Fall, Dr. Nicholas Perricone took his vast knowledge of super foods and literally applied it topically. A staunch supporter of the beauty from the inside-out movement, Perricone made it possible to utilize some of his favorite skin-enhancing edibles from the outside-in with his 12-piece Super collection. There were promises of a line extension, on which the doctor has now made good; today, three new additions to the range make their debut. The First Blush Brightening Serum incorporates superoxide dismutase (SOD)-rich melon extracts and ferulic acid to enhance cellular functionality and minimize redness; the Daylight Savings SPF 25 Moisturizer utilizes the reparative benefits of turmeric, which is loaded with curcumin, an effective antioxidant that helps heal skin affected by UV damage; and the Crinkle Eraser Firming Serum makes use of the astaxantham found in red algae to increase elasticity and moisture retention. Like their predecessors, these new additions are also entirely free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, and any synthetic color or fragrance, making them easy to, er, consume readily and often.

Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Perricone

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