August 30 2014

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Eva Scrivo Puts Down The Shears, Picks Up The Pen


Eva Scrivo is an interesting player in the business of beauty. Part colorist, part stylist, part makeup artist, part general expert on all things primping, she’s as comfortable coloring streaks backstage at Malandrino and L.A.M.B. as she is waxing poetic about split ends and skincare on Beauty Talk, her weekly show on Sirius satellite radio. Now, she’s taken on a new role: author. “Education is what’s missing from beauty,” Scrivo said today at a launch event for Eva Scrivo on Beauty: The Tools, Techniques, and Insider Knowledge Every Woman Needs to Be Her Most Beautiful, Confident Self (Atria, 2011). Her tome is dedicated to fixing just that, with ten comprehensive chapters devoted not just to showing you how to get the look, but teaching you why certain looks will work for you and the importance of communication when it comes to getting what you want. “It’s not just about face shape, it’s about head shape,” she elaborated of the contents in Chapter 1: The Architecture of the Hair, which covers the challenging world of layers, among other things. (“Egg shapes needs more lateral width on the sides of the head,” Scrivo points out, while bigger, more bulbous shapes require “square” layers.)

The book goes on to cover color, proper hair care, styling, skincare, wellness, and fashion with a few additional stops along the way. Chapter 5: Salon Confidential focuses on the ins and outs of the industry for aspiring salon owners, while Chapter 7: Mastering Makeup includes a fun video component in the e-book format, in which Scrivo herself demonstrates proper application techniques on her own face. Chapter 8: Ageless Makeovers is a reminder that women over 40 can have long hair—and if it’s gray, all the better. “Every beauty rule can be broken,” Scrivo says, “as long as it’s done correctly and with skill.”

As far as her first foray into writing is concerned, Scrivo was brief when describing the process. “It’s just a real honor to be able to tell your story.” With nearly 20 years of experience helping women of all ages look good, Scrivo’s makes for an interesting read.



  1. Citygirlinred says:

    I’ll be attending the Book party on March 29th in San Francisco, can’t wait to meet Eva in person!

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