August 28 2014

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Eye Candy, Backstage At Gareth Pugh


Seeing as how Alex Box has already proved that her face-painting skills will not be confined to two dimensions, the makeup artist’s avant-garde experiment backstage at Gareth Pugh seemed perfectly par for the course. “Religious iconography” is how Box described the inspiration for the gold and blue laser-cut eye patches that she made for the occasion using a “bespoke retro-reflective fabric that turns pure white when hit with a bright light”—like, say, a barrage of flashbulbs. With statement-making lids playing such a large part in the overall look, Box’s handiwork called for little else save for MAC Clear Brow Set to groom arches and its clear Lip Glass, which she applied to the tops of cheeks for a shiny highlight.

What it did mandate, however, were killer nails, courtesy of Minx. Working off of a waxy blue fabric supplied by Pugh’s stylist, Katie Shillingford, Minx co-founders Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin collaborated with U.K.-based nail artist Marian Newman on a custom design for the show. Adhesive overlays featuring a blue canvas with gold foil framing around the base and on either side of the nail added that extra bit of inventive artiness that has become synonymous with Pugh’s presentations, finished off with similar gilding placed underneath fingertips. So far, the Paris shows have put the brakes on the manicure mania that has swept New York and London for the past two seasons. Here’s hoping this gets things rolling.

Photo: Becky Maynes / Courtesy of Minx

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