August 31 2014

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Forever 21


The runway rigor is officially over (for this season at least), which means it’s time to focus on unearthing your once-hearty constitution. How, you ask? A diet that consists of more than just canapés, regular exercise, and an introduction to 21 Drops. The line of modern therapeutic-grade essential oils geared at your general well-being launched at the end of last year, but now it has combined its healing aromatherapy blends into complementary threesomes called, appropriately, Trios. They’re due out this Friday. The 21st Century Trio includes the De-Stress, Uplift, and Sleep blends; Travel Well has the Immunity, Digest, and Sleep tinctures; and the Weekender is made up of the Passion, Hangover, and, yet again, Sleep mixtures, clearly the department we are most depleted of these days. Each bottle is meant to be applied to specific points on the body for maximum effectiveness (Sleep works wonders under the nose, while Passion should follow the heart meridian at your wrists and in your elbow creases). Another bonus is that the scents, while lovely, are mild enough that they won’t compete with your other perfumed products for attention. Most exciting, though, is that the brightly hued essential oil applicators happen to be supremely portable, which means that a rotating cast can find a permanent position in your purse. On-the-go rejuvenation? Yes, we will.

Photo: Courtesy of 21 Drops

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