August 21 2014

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Just For (Wo)Men


A few hours ago, we spied Karlie Kloss backstage at Lanvin, and lo and behold, the catwalker was back to her old self, post-yesterday’s brow bleaching at Rick Owens. How did she make such a miraculous recovery in such a short amount of time? The answer might surprise you. “Just For Men Mustache & Beard,” makeup artist Lucia Pieroni revealed, her go-to quick fix for redyeing arches after they’ve been erased for a show. “They make really good colors,” she pointed out, with the added bonus that its nonpermanent formula gradually washes out and won’t leave you with any unwanted, off-kilter tones. Words to the wise, for those of you looking to obtain Fall’s fuller forehead fringe without the hassle of pencils and powders.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /; Courtesy of Just For Men



  1. Quiala says:

    That is such a great tip! Thanks.

  2. laurner says:

    why not just use one of the hundreds of brands of dye designed for lashes and brows?

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