August 30 2014

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Tina Fey Gets Retouched, Kate Middleton Does Dukan, And More…


Another day, another digital retouching mishap. Today’s offender is InStyle, which has chopped off half of Tina Fey’s torso on its latest cover, as well as erasing any signs that the comedienne has ever smiled, frowned, laughed, or scowled in her entire life. Oops. [Daily Mail]

A magic marker-shaped handheld device that injects a very cold material through small needles to smooth facial wrinkles, without the need for a Botox vial? If pharmaceutical company MyoScience’s negotiations with the FDA continue to go well, it could come true. [WSJ]

Bad news, hipster hair lovers of the world: The trend reports for guys’ tresses are in, and it looks like high, tight, short, and sheared are going to be Fall’s buzz words. Hopefully beards won’t experience the same misfortune (we’ve got a thing for facial hair). [Telegraph]

The royal wedding is about a month away, which means reports on Kate Middleton’s big day beauty regimen are heating up. The latest news is that she has joined her mother Carole’s embrace of the popular French Dukan diet to shed a few pre-wedding pounds. Couple this with a new book by Dr. Pierre Dukan written in English set to hit newsstands in May, and the four-stage, lean-protein meal plan has universal fad written all over it. [Weight World]

Photo: Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

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