August 21 2014

styledotcom 18 examples why you shouldn't be afraid of #MomJeans:

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White Diamonds Is Forever, Jennifer Aniston’s Makeup Must-Haves, And More…


Elizabeth Taylor, who passed away today at 79, will always be remembered by the beauty world for her violet eyes, that genetic blessing of two rows of eyelashes instead of one, and, of course, as the grande dame of celebrity fragrances. Her perfume, Passion, predates J. Lo Glow by 15 years, and its follow up, White Diamonds, remains the most successful celebrity fragrance of all time. [WWD]

Speaking of stylish women who continue to inspire us well past middle age, Nowness has set out to feature a gaggle of them in a new video short that proves you’re never too old for red lipstick, sculpted brows, graphic fringe, and custom-made orange eyelashes, as is the case with artist Ilona Royce Smithkin. “I have my own ideas of what I like and what I think is chic,” the 91-year-old declares. [Nowness]

Abbie Cornish has a metal-based hair extension to thank for minimizing what could have been a brutal head injury she sustained while filming a stunt on the set of her new flick, Sucker Punch. “Apparently the metal hair clip did really save my life and all I have now is a little scar that didn’t need stitches,” the Aussie screen star told late-night host Jimmy Kimmel last night. Extensions: Life savers for deflecting blows to the head and blows to the ego from a bad haircut. [Monsters &Critics]

Ever wonder what beauty products Jennifer Aniston swears by—other than her eponymous eau de parfum, that is? The answers are Bobbi Brown Cheek Tint, Chanel Lip Gloss, Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream, and L’Oréal Hair Serum. Now you know. [Grazia]

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