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A Fragrance For “The Fabric Of Our Lives”


Ah, the white cotton T-shirt. Perhaps the simplest item of clothing in your closet, it’s also, arguably, the most iconic—whether it’s old and threadbare or bright, crisp, and fresh out of a Hanes three-pack. Clean’s new Cotton T-Shirt eau de parfum is modeled after the scent of freshly laundered V-necks. The result is a light-as-air blend of bergamot, cotton flower, amber, and rosewood that has an appealingly sheer quality on the skin—much like the feel of your favorite tee.

Photo: Courtesy of Clean



  1. tishagreen says:

    Talk about getting back to basics! I would have to agree that smelling clean is the best thing out there and if anything, you know that smelling “clean” doesn’t smell bad so you can’t go wrong with this perfume! I’m sure it’s a win-win :) This is a perfume that I can see FIDM Fashion Club members wearing after working all day on school projects and needing an extra pick-me-up!

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