August 31 2014

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Eve Lom Steps Into Liquid


Eve Lom’s signature facial wash has earned the facialist-turned-skincare guru the nickname the “queen of cleansing.” A rich balm made with Egyptian chamomile, eucalyptus oil, and cocoa butter designed to be applied with a simple muslin cloth, its ability to stimulate circulation and remove even the most stubborn makeup has made it a cult favorite. Lom has grown her line exponentially since that famous cleanser first hit shelves, and now she’s further expanding her reach with the release of her first facial serums. The Intense Firming formula is formulated with MPC concentrate, an antiaging milk-derived potion that helps to strengthen and firm the skin, while the Intense Hydration variety is packed with water-retaining hyaluron, a panacea for extremely moisture-tapped complexions (and an in-flight must-have). Both serums have a lightweight, satiny consistency and appealingly subtle scents. Better make that the queen of cleansing and serums.

Photo: Courtesy of Eve Lom

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