August 28 2014

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Joanna Vargas Is Seeing Red


Those who never, even in those most misguided crystal bindhi- and frosted tips-wearing college years, set foot inside a tanning bed will likely feel a bit anxious about skincare guru Joanna Vargas’ latest innovation. But outward appearances aside, her LED (light emitting diodes) contraption shares nothing in common with the more familiar and dangerous UV varieties. Light therapy has been used in the medical community for over a century, and powerful LED technology has already been employed by organizations like NASA to speed up wound healing and muscle regeneration. The goal of Vargas’ patent-pending Jetsons-esque device, though, is an aesthetic one. Created in alliance with Chicago-based company Norlux, the safe, cellular activity-triggering light lifts and tones the skin, increasing elasticity and collagen production, and can be used specifically to address cellulite, stretch marks, acne, and sun spots. The treatment can be purchased on its own or as a packaged deal that begins with a gentle cleansing and crystal microdermabrasion before you slip into the bed for 20 minutes, after which you’re treated to a soothing, super-hydrating oxygen application that leaves your skin glowing and dewy. From personal experience, we can say that being inside the coffinlike contraption can be kind of jarring at first, but you quickly get used to it. In fact, you might even nod off; there’s something surprisingly comforting about dreaming of a clearer, more radiant complexion while surrounded by a bright scarlet, infrared glow.

Joanna Vargas Salon Skin Care Sanctuary, 501 Fifth Ave., ste. 2011, (212) 949-2350,

Photo: Courtesy of Joanna Vargas