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Little Red Riding Hood, Not So Little Anymore


Amanda Seyfried’s features are the stuff beauty executives’ dreams are made of, which is presumably why she scored the coveted role as Clé de Peau’s first-ever celebrity spokesperson. Her full lips, wide-set eyes, and thick, honey-hued locks need very little in the way of augmenting, but she went for a little extra oomph at last night’s U.K. premiere of Red Riding Hood anyway. Said oomph came by way of a strong crimson lip, a pronounced liquid cat-eye, and (shocker of all shockers) a curly bend to her typically straight hair. Seyfried is rarely spotted with anything more than a blow-out—why mess with perfection? So the sight of texturized strands is a little jarring. Good jarring or not so much? Let us know below.

Photo: Dave Hogan/ Getty Images



  1. Citygirlinred says:

    What Red is she wearing? It looks very pretty!

  2. jannu says:

    she looks aboslutely gorgeous and stunning! those locks look fabulous! :) great choice amanda!

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