September 2 2014

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Lush Doles Out Guilt-Free Easter Treats


We don’t typically celebrate Easter, but we’re plenty aware that it’s this Sunday. It was the uptick in large bags of candy at our local pharmacy and the gaggle of college-aged girls we saw roaming the streets with bunny ears on last night that tipped us off. Should you wish to partake in the activities, but would rather abstain from the sugar consumption, we’ve got a little something to put in your wicker basket. Make that two somethings. Lush’s pink Fluffy Egg bath bomb is a limited-edition, springtime-only treat with a delectable sweet custard aroma. Its Hippy Chick bomb, meanwhile, is a good, nonedible alternative to Peeps that serves up an effervescent pink grapefruit scent when added to water. Together, they’ll make you a hit at any holiday function you attend this weekend, but particularly at parties where melt-in-your-mouth marshmallow treats have been overconsumed.  

Photo: Courtesy of Lush

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