August 21 2014

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Oscar De La Renta’s Got Spirit, How ‘Bout You?


When news broke last February that Oscar de la Renta had secured his beauty license and was in the market for a financial partner to branch out into new fragrance and cosmetics ventures, we were pumped. His original scent, Oscar, which was released in 1977 and has enjoyed a few different incarnations since, seemed primed for an update. Over a year later, updated it has been—in more ways than one. In a sign of the times, Esprit d’Oscar was officially launched on Facebook last Friday preceding its official launch at Nordstrom this month. Twenty-five thousand samples were given away online before the initiative was cut off due to an onslaught of requests. “Today you have to try to reach the consumer any way you can,” the designer told us this morning when we asked him if he himself was on the social networking site. He “checks it,” he told us, but it’s unlikely you’ll be getting a poke from him anytime soon.

With his latest olfactory effort, de la Renta was out to reach a certain consumer—a younger one. “We wanted to make it more contemporary but keep the essence of the original for the woman of today. There has never been a time when a woman is more in charge of her destiny,” de la Renta elaborated, pointing out that he didn’t change any of the ingredients from his first namesake bottle, but simply rearranged the contents. So the fresh floral heart, comprising Egyptian jasmine, orange flower, and tuberose, is still there, getting an additional sparkle from Sicilian lemon and bergamot and finishing with a warm heliotrope and tonka bean base. The packaging also borrows from its predecessor, retaining its floral-shaped glass flacon and blossoming cap with a single dewdrop at its center. “When I was little, I thought if you collected the dew drops from flowers, you could make perfume. Unfortunately it wasn’t a reality, it was a dream,” de la Renta said. “But sometimes dreams are important.” If ours come true, the designer will try his hand at makeup next.

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