September 2 2014

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Priti Goes Portable


Something about frequent travel can make a klutz out of even the most composed individual. Clothes get wrinkled, hot beverages spilled, manicures get chipped. General rushing, nervous pre-flight nibbling, and carting bulky luggage around can wreak havoc on your precisely polished tips—which is why I’ve begun carrying a little bottle of lacquer and a few packs of polish remover pads with me on every trip. (Compulsive, no; prepared, yes). In a boon to my portable touch-up kit, Priti, New York’s favorite eco-friendly nail care brand, has just released a green version of the to-go towelette that’s 100 percent biodegradable with a soy-based, lemongrass scent. It’s EPA-approved and still manages to work wonders at removing even the most toxic of varnishes without that stinky acetone scent, which, let it be known, will not make you any friends on that overcrowded Boeing 757.

Photo: Courtesy of Priti NYC

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