July 25 2014

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Skincare Staples, Made To Order


Imagine being surrounded by all the best skincare creams in the world and not being able to find one that calmed your sensitive skin. That’s exactly the predicament that Sara Damelio found herself in more than a decade ago, working at a high-end beauty boutique in Washington, D.C. After testing out the finest salves money can buy, she discovered that it was the petroleum byproducts and parabens in the formulations that were aggravating her allergy-prone complexion. Taking matters into her own hands, Damelio became a licensed aesthetician and spent the next eight years developing an all-natural product range called Skincando, which featured a single product, Combat-Ready, a balm that cured everything from dry skin to sunburn to frayed, split ends (consider it an even harder to come by version of Egyptian Magic). Now she’s launching Skincando Luxe, a line of slightly fancier concoctions that work just as hard as her original cure-all to tackle dry lips, wrinkles, and eyes that have lost their luster. We’re a bit obsessed with the Eye Balm, a white tea and chamomile emollient cream that firms crinkly skin remarkably well for something that doesn’t involve a prescription or laser beam, and the Brew Lip Balm, which has a soft-but-not-sticky texture and heals with myrrh, a resin that’s been used for centuries to beautify the skin. Also new to the collection: Combat-Ready Balm for Babies + Kids, a natural multitasker that soothes diaper rash, chapped cheeks, and “grass itchies” for little ones. Like all of Damelio’s creations, these are hand-crafted in micro-batches and made to order for clients—a little luxury that ensures your products are potent and, above all, exclusive.

Photo: Courtesy of Skincando



  1. lenovod says:

    this cream is wonderful

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