August 21 2014

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Taking A Swipe At Wrinkles And Acne


Good cleansing is the cornerstone of clear, healthy skin. It sounds simple, but most of us have yet to accept this dictum as fact. According to a little research project conducted by aestheticians Jennie Hearn and Jennifer Gallegos of San Francisco’s International Orange spa and yoga studio (a favorite of Christy Turlington Burns and Gwyneth Paltrow), eight out of ten women only wash their faces two to three times a week (guilty as charged). So the seasoned pros have come up with a solution: pre-soaked facial cleansing pads that wipe away impurities and rebalance the skin’s pH with high-tech botanicals so you never have to bother with tedious soap and water again. Launched as part of the duo’s new Preserve Skincare line, the luxuriously thick and textured pads gently exfoliate the skin’s surface and, in a brilliant eco-minded move, can be washed and reused. So far, there are two versions: the Orange Blossom for all skin types, which combines natural citrus essential oils and potent antioxidants like yucca, white tea, and grapeseed to moisturize and protect against environmental damage; and Geranium Leaf for oily skin, which de-gunks congested pores with a blend of tea tree oil and gentle salicylic acid extracted from willow bark, while soothing redness with calming aloe. We tested out the latter version after an intense, sweat-inducing session of Vinyasa yoga and loved how the oversized discs instantly cooled our skin and sucked up oil without drying. The pads can be ordered online—another bonus for the slackers among us.

Photo: Courtesy of Preserve Skincare

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