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Exclusive: La Mer Teams Up With Soundwalk For World Oceans Day


Summer’s almost here, which means two things: It’s time to buy some sunscreen and to figure out how you can give back on World Oceans Day. Occurring annually on June 8 since 1992, it’s a day for recognizing how integral the world’s water systems are to our continued existence and for ensuring their preservation and protection. For the past six years, La Mer has done its part by partnering with Oceana, the world’s largest international ocean advocacy organization; the sea kelp Dr. Max Huber used to create the brand’s patented “Miracle Broth” has watery beginnings, after all.

This year, in addition to launching a limited-edition, commemorative jar of La Mer’s famed Crème, the company has partnered with Soundwalk, the international collective known for its audio city tours, to create the Seven Seas Sound Mix. As its name suggests, it takes listeners on a guided audio tour of seven different bodies of water. Each tour is narrated by an environmentally conscious boldfacer while natural sounds and music gathered on the respective site play in the background. British sailor Samantha Davies waxes poetic about Pointe de Trévignon, in Brittany, France; adventurer and environmentalist David De Rothschild discusses the Pacific Ocean on board his catamaran the Plastiki; French actress Mélanie Laurent discusses the Irish Sea from Greystones, Ireland; Chinese actor Liu Ye takes a dip in the East China Sea in Qingdao, China; architect Philippe Starck shares the view from Bassin d’Arcachon in L’ile aux Oiseaux, France; and world champion free diver Guillaume Néry gets inspired by the Mediterranean Sea from Kalamata, Greece. In our exclusive sneak peek at the series, Spike Jonze directs Japanese actress (and Karl Lagerfeld muse) Rinko Kikuchi as she takes another look at the Med from Ibiza, Spain (click above to watch). “Floating on the sea looking up at the sky…somehow I don’t feel fear,” Kikuchi says as she splashes around. “But I feel strongly that I am in good hands.”

All seven installments will be available on iTunes on June 8, in both iPhone and iPad app form.

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